When I type something wrong in dos/linux and it yells at me I can push the up arrow and then modify my line - maybe it was missing a '-' or something. I just installed lispbox and up arrow moves the cursor up the REPL history. How do i put on the current line the last line I entered.

So like I type

+ 3 2

But obviously I meant

(+ 3 2)

How do I get it to say "+ 3 2" so I can just push "Home", "(", "End", ")"?

Or is there some MUCH easier M-x waaahFIXIT command for this?




which is bound to


by default. (Meta is normally the Alt key)

M-p / M-n is standard for going backwards / forwards through history in emacs - it also works in the minibuffer too

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  • Is there a way to get previous input inserted automatically into another form I have started typing? For instance, (list <key combo for previous input to be inserted here>) – MadPhysicist Feb 9 '18 at 19:54

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