I have a .NET MAUI app and I want to promote it on Facebook. I set up a campaign, selected the app from the Play Store, but Facebook says:

Missing or Invalid Field in Promoted Objects: For the optimization goal "App Installs," the "application_id" field needs to be valid. Please set it in the Promoted Objects. (#1815437)

Apparently, to track installs, Facebook requires me to install the Facebook SDK and integrate it with my app. However, there isn't a Facebook SDK package available for .NET MAUI. Unfortunately, you can't advertise without app install tracking.

The only option I see for now is to advertise my application's Facebook page and then somehow manually promote the app from there.

Has anyone else found a solution to this issue?

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    having the same problem too. is there a way to create the SDK manually ?
    – khalil
    Commented Jul 5 at 17:54


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