I'd like to remove Bite Order Masks from my
UTF-8 files in Intellij IDEA, how can I do this?

The problem is that if I'm trying to do it via other editors (e.g. Akelpad),
when I modify the file later in IDEA it somehow remembers that BOM
was present and adds it to my file again (((


There is no such action to remove BOM from UTF-8 files in IntelliJ IDEA. There was a bug that BOM is removed, but it was fixed a long time ago.

When you remove BOM externally, make sure the file is synchronized with editor, try File | Synchronize.

If IntelliJ IDEA still thinks that this file has BOM, please file an issue with the steps to reproduce.

  • +1 for the File | Synchronize hint. IntelliJ is not able to aptly recognize external BOM changes, but this helps. Still, any further change to the same file, inside IntelliJ, will bring the BOM back... :-/ (IntelliJ CE 12). AFAIK the only way of making this REALLY annoying behavior go away is 1) closing IntelliJ, 2) remove the *&¨*&#ing BOM and 3) reopening it. – rsenna Jul 2 '13 at 15:09

Tested on PHPStorm 8:

Right click on a file in the project tree, click on "Remove BOM"

(Not sure if it exists on the base platform, comments will be helpful)


I had the same Problem.

I found this issue and a "works for me"-fix: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-86880#comment=27-386505

Hope it helps

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