I'm working on a Delphi script for Altium that creates a pop-up dialog (form) for users to input parameters for resistor components in a schematic library. The script iterates through components and updates their parameters based on user input from TEdit components on the form.

Here's my problem: the script works fine for the first two iterations of the loop, but on the third iteration, it crashes with what I'm assuming is an Access violation error. The issue seems to be that CurrInput is nil starting from the third iteration. CurrInput.Name and CurrInput.Text are "undeclared identifiers"

I've ensured that all TEdit components are properly created and added to the form. I've also added debugging messages to verify the initialization of these components. Despite these efforts, the issue persists.

Here's a snippet of the problematic part of the code:

    //update parameters when Update button is clicked
    procedure TRESinputparamsForm.bUpdateClick(sender : TObject);
    begin    close;
    //create list of params to update as TEdit objects (input boxes from dialog) [CurrInput]
        DialogInputsList := TList.Create;
        DialogInputsList.Add(Tolerance);  //etc...
    //create list of param names to index from [CurrDialogParamName]
        ParamNameList := TStringList.Create;
        ParamNameList.Add('Tolerance');   //etc...

    //for every param in DialogInputs list, check if it is in component already
        for I := 0 to (DialogInputsList.Count-1) do
            CurrInput := DialogInputsList[I];
            CurrDialogParamName := ParamNameList[I];//create parameter iterator for current component
            ParameterIterator := component.SchIterator_Create;
            param := ParameterIterator.FirstSchObject;  
    //iterate through parameters of component to find curr param from dialog
            paramFound := false;
            while (param <> nil) and (CurrInput.Text <> '') do
                paramName := param.Name;
    //if param is found in component, update param value from dialog
                if (paramName = CurrDialogParamName) then
                    SchServer.RobotManager.SendMessage(param.I_ObjectAddress, c_BroadCast, SCHM_BeginModify, c_NoEventData);
                    param.Text := CurrInput.Text;
                    SchServer.RobotManager.SendMessage(param.I_ObjectAddress, c_BroadCast, SCHM_EndModify, c_NoEventData);
                    param.ShowName := false;
                    param.IsHidden := true;
                    paramFound := true;
    //check next parameter in component
                param := ParameterIterator.NextSchObject;
    //if param not found in component, create parameter object then update value from dialog
            if not paramFound then
                newParam := SchServer.SchObjectFactory(eParameter, eCreate_Default);
                newParam.Name := CurrDialogParamName;
                newParam.Text := CurrInput.Text;
                newParam.ShowName := false;
                newParam.IsHidden := true;            
                SchServer.RobotManager.SendMessage(component.I_ObjectAddress, c_BroadCast, SCHM_PrimitiveRegistration, newParam.I_ObjectAddress);

I created an MVP with just one parameter, and that worked fine both updating a value for components where the parameter already existed, and creating the parameter before adding the value. This works just fine on my small testing SchLib. When I run this larger code built from the MVP, it runs through the first two iterations (parameters PartType and Resistance) but breaks on the third iteration with an error that CurrInput (curr parameter to update, TEdit) is "undeclared identifier" and CurrInput.Text can't be accessed.

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  • Edit your question and use the preview to see if your (code) formatting fits (in case it doesn't bite you already when viewing it here). How about calling Close() at the end of your method instead of right away at the start? I wouldn't take it as granted being able to access controls on a form after it has been closed. Try it without Close() at all to then further pinpoint the culprit.
    – AmigoJack
    Commented Jul 10 at 14:54
  • Sorry about the formatting! Moving close; to the end of the function and removing close; altogether both give me the same error as before. CurrInput.Text (first while loop) is still an undeclared identifier.
    – George
    Commented Jul 11 at 12:25
  • Declare all your variables inside the method. Global variables could be accessed by methods. Since DelphiScript has nothing to do with Delphi: try debugging your code by single stepping and inspecting if all variable's content are as expected (f.e. I doesn't jump from 1 to 5). Check if Tolerance does not have a value of nil right away.
    – AmigoJack
    Commented Jul 11 at 13:33


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