I am building my maven project with updated setting.xml which not contain any public URL which have some internal URL to our company what i want is i want to run the build and want to print the what all jars are not available in our company related internal url and print the jar details is their any approach to do ?

maven command to print jar even maven build fail for all module

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You could use dependency:resolve and dependency:resolve-plugins. If there are dependencies that cannot be resolved they are listed in an error message at the end of the build. (I agree, this list is not really clear and user-friendly but this is just a workaround for your special case. It's not intended for that but I'm not aware of any other plugin/goal that comes close to that.)

If you're running the goals from a parent project you could use the option mvn ... -fn (--fail-never) so that it doesn't stop at the project with the first error but tries to resolve the other project's dependencies as well.

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