I have a curl request which work as I expected

curl -v -F "chat_id=-46546544565" -F document=@/path/to/my/doc https://api.telegram.org/bot523452345rewrweEEE/sendDocument

Now I want to convert it to Retorfit request in Java (Spring boot)

My attempt was

Call<TelegramResponse> sendDocument(@Body ByteArrayResource file, @Query("chat_id") String chatId);

With config like this

TelegramService getRetrofitTelegram() {
    String baseTelegramUrl = "https://api.telegram.org/bot" + applicationConfig.getBotApiKey()+ "/";
    log.info("[getRetrofitTelegram] baseTelegramUrl = {}", baseTelegramUrl);
    Retrofit retrofit = new Retrofit.Builder()
            .addConverterFactory(GsonConverterFactory.create(new Gson()))
    return retrofit.create(TelegramService.class);

But when I create request I got error

Bad Request: there is no document in the request

How to convert this curl request to Retrofit?


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