I have a spreadsheet to manage my finances, and it consists of two main parts: monthly expenses (costs) and my incomes (salary, bonuses, extra income, etc.).

In my expenses spreadsheet, I have the following structure:

Date Amount Description Category Income

In my income spreadsheet, I have this structure:

Amount Amount updated Description Category

My goal is to identify the source of the expense (salary, bonus, extra income) and subtract it in the income spreadsheet.

Example: Date Amount Description Category Income 4/6/24 R$48.73 Mercado Car Car debit

Knowing that this expense was paid with a debit, I would subtract R$48.73 from the salary amount in the income spreadsheet. Therefore, I would like to automate this process. I made a simple formula using: =if(F5="debit",C5-I5)

As my salary is in just one row, it would work, but since there are multiple entries, I couldn't create a loop to go through all of them, nor could I define a range for the sheet to validate the string.

I will provide some images to illustrate how it looks. If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful.



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