I have a Python Flask API server that crashes after a few seconds when running on my new Windows machine (a Dell work station). There is usually no error message, but sometimes there are errors related to Python libraries (not my code). enter image description here This same program runs stably and without errors on 5 other Windows machines with the same OS version (but lower hardware specifications).

here' another possible error message (varied from time to time) enter image description here

Yesterday, I made a new discovery: I wrote an unrelated Python script that continuously updates memory information (updates an array variable, takes up 1K of memory) in a while True loop. When I run this update_memory script and then start the Flask server, the Flask program runs normally and does not exit.

However, as soon as I close the update_memory script, the Flask program immediately terminates automatically. Again, there is usually no error message, but sometimes there are errors related to Python libraries (still, not my code).

Additional Details:

When the Flask py script quits, there's always this event in Windows eventvwr. It goes like:



I noticed that there is a "c0000005" in it and did some research, it could be something related to memory. So I wrote the update_memory script and shocked by what happened.

BTW, I have installed different windows OS version (win10, win11) on this machine, but always the same kind of error, no exception, no miracle.

I suspect a hardware issue or hardware compatibility issue. How can I continue to investigate this further?

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If You Are Getting Error On Windows I Suggest Using Ubuntu Terminal With wsl you can find it on Microsoft store.

Try there and let me know if that works

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