My gtkmm program won't show any windows. Compile works fine. These are the messages I get when running:

(process:2312): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.24.1/gobject    
/gtype.c:2706: You forgot to call g_type_init()
(process:2312): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_once_init_leave: assertion 
`initialization_value != 0' failed
(process:2312): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_newv: assertion 
`G_TYPE_IS_OBJECT (object_type)' failed

Code is:

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
    Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::Builder> builder =   
    Gtk::Window* pMyWindow = 0;
    builder->get_widget("window1", pMyWindow);

It doesn't matter if basic.glade is a valid file or does not exist. I tried with the whole path file instead of basic.glade.
When I debug it, I realize that the program never gets out of that builder first line. It's like it keeps running, so when I pause the only process, either will be at g_once_init_enter_impl() or at g_slist_find() (being called by the former). So I don't ever see any window (because it never gets to that pMyWindow->show() line)

  • Quick question, do you have to destroy (free the memory) of the window at all in main? – Matthew Sep 6 '12 at 15:07

Add the following line as your first line in main:

Gtk::Main kit(argc, argv);

According to the Gtkmm Hello World tutorial:

First we instantiate an object called kit. This is of type Gtk::Main. Every gtkmm program must have one of these.

This object is the responsible to initialize all the GTK+ library, that includes a call to the g_type_init function your error talk about.

Of course, you can use any name you like instead of kit.

UPDATE: Oh, and you should call to:


Or equivalently:


as kindly noted by Erandros in the comment. Without it the program will finish immediatley. It will issue a gtk_main() call that will run the main loop.

  • In order to run the GUI, please add kit.run() so I mark this as correct. – erandros Oct 25 '11 at 6:58

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