I need to know the best suited mobile frameworks which greatly exploits the functionalities of HTML5. Some of the choices I have are:

  1. PhoneGap
  2. JQuery Mobile
  3. Sencha Touch

Can you friends just guide me based on the experience you have with mobile apps development Thanks

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Some specific facts that might help you would be to compare the documentation for each of the frameworks. I've found that how a mobile framework is documented is the number 1 thing that is important to me when i get deep into it. So here are the links to each of the documentations.

Sencha Touch

Consequently, you may want to familiarize exactly WHAT constitutes a "mobile" framework. For example, i use both phonegap AND sencha touch. So take some time to read up on exactly what's what. Sometimes you can use multiple frameworks together.


Not exactly a framework, you may want to try Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder - http://gotiggr.com. It's a cloud service for building HTML5 and native apps. The builder uses jQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap (for native).

Note: I work for Exadel, the company behind Tiggr.

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