While watching railscasts #229 Polling for Changes, I'm trying to achieve kind the same result, except that I want the content of a lightbox to dynamically be changed until user closes it.

I have an index action, that will iterate elements, and for every element, I'll put a link what will open the lightbox and then it will automatically poll the server, and update content within the lightbox (I'm using Colorbox)

So, in index action:

- @systems.each do |system|
    =link_to "Get Uname", get_uname_system_path(system), :remote => true

Then in the get_uname action, I will call js.erb

respond_to do |format|
  format.js #get_uname.js.erb

And finally in the get_uname.js.erb file, I open the lightbox:

 $.colorbox({html: "<div id=\"ajax-content\"></div>", innerWidth:425, innerHeight:344});

Until now, The lightbox open successfully, but I don't know to update the content of it, every 1 sec...

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using polling might be good for you but to me the best practice for this is faye gem. you are a railscast fan so u would not have problem setting this up.. with this your light box would be updated instantly.

  • Thanks... it took a little while... but now I can update lightbox through FAYE Nov 3, 2011 at 19:47

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