I have a Filemaker Pro Advanced Database which contains 14000 records. Each record consist of 2 image fields and 10 text fields.

I have tried to export it to XML,HTML which could be imported to mySQL but the image fields are not exportable. (images are stored in Container Fields)

Please help, in a fix right now.


Try is to use ODBC; FileMaker ODBC SQL (PDF) has special functions to work with container fields.

Another way is to write a FileMaker script to export image fields separately. The script step is called "Export field contents". You need to write a script that loops over records and for each record does the following:

  • Calculates the the target file path and saves it in a variable. Note that FileMaker uses its own cross-platform format for paths. It looks like

    filemac:/Macintosh HD/path/to/file.ext

    The script step should be like

     Set Variable[ $file, "filemac:/Macintosh HD/path/to/" 
         & MyTable::RecordID & "-1.jpg" ]
  • Export field contents using the calculated path:

    Export Field Contents[ $file, MyTable::Pic1 ]

Caveats: if images were pasted, they may fail to export. If they are in different formats, FileMaker won't do any conversion, it's up to you.

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