I would like to write a web app that uses Dropbox for cloud storage. If I understand correctly, I should use the Restful API to achieve that.

This documentation exists and is quite good but being a newcomer to Restful API I would love to see and play with a simple example that works with this API.

My questions are:

  1. Am I right to assume that Rest API is the way to go?
  2. Is there a quick and easy example (Maybe a live example) to get me going?



as you tagged your question with "ajax", i presume you want to do this entirely client-side (except for some proxy-code to be able to make requests accross domains)? I haven't tried it out myself, but there's dropbox-js on google code which will at least give you some ideas (and if the Dropbox API didn't change too much since June 2010 it might even work out of the box)?

Update: there's no "download", but you can browse the source code of trunk here.

  • Neither of both links work as of now ... – bryantsai Apr 15 '14 at 8:37

Here's a lengthy article on the matter Some love for Javascript Applications with code samples, a demo etc.

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