I want to establish a connection with my UNIX file system using java program.. So that I can make some File I/O operations and normally I can connect using Putty.

How can I do the same using java program

I have the Host name, username,password and Port number

Help appreciated :)

You need several things:

  1. A server that takes commands (create directory, list directory, write data to a file, read data from a file) over the network. This server should listen to port1 on localhost

  2. You need to configure putty to forward port2 on your local computer to port1 on the server.

  3. A local client which allows you to connect to port2 on your local computer. Putty will tunnel any data send to port2 to port1 on the remote server and vice versa.

Or you get WinSCP which uses the SSH protocol (just like Putty) and maybe already does what you want.

There's a pure Java implementation of SSH/SCP available: http://www.cleondris.ch/opensource/ssh2/

You can use its SCPClient or SFTPv3Client classes to work on the remote file system.

Documentation is available at http://www.cleondris.ch/opensource/ssh2/javadoc.

If you want to do it from Java, you can use Apache Commons VFS. It provides a common approach to dealing with files on all of the supported file systems. SFTP is one of the supported types which is most likely what you would need if you have been connecting with PuTTY.

You need SSH client. There are various pure java SSH clients. Google "java ssh client" and try any one of them. I used Jsch http://www.jcraft.com/jsch/ and it worked fine for me.

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