The situation is as follows: I have downloaded the Google App Engine SDK. I have written my "helloworld" app that runs locally in my computer. I have to use PyScripter as IDE. I can't use Eclipse, that would not be a valid solution to my problem.

In PyScripter, I have set a "Run Configuration", so that an instance of the server runs locally (either in "run" mode or in "debug" mode), and can access the app via a webbrowser accessing "localhost".

Now, the problem is, breakpoints seem to be ignored. I set a breakpoint, reload the browser, and the response appears without the debugger stopping at the breakpoint I had set in my own function. I cannot debug at all.

The question is, how can I debug the app using the configuration I have described?

(Note: I am already using the "remote" python engine within PyScripter for running the local server)

  • By saying the "remote" python engine, do you mean this Is there a reason for not using PyScripter internal engine? I do not see the noticable gain for that when running GAE SDK locally. The remote debugging seems to be more profitable when debugging processes on remote machines. – Elazar Leibovich Apr 25 '09 at 20:29
  • Good question! I am looking for a solution as well – Graviton Jun 5 '09 at 4:04

I think this is a PyScripter's bug. I tested in version and the same problem is still there.

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