I´m working with Symfony2 and I need to execute this SQL for example:

      select detformacion.* from detformacion
        left  join formacion
        on detformacion.formacion_id = formacion.id
        left join detcurso
        on formacion.id = detcurso.formacion_id
        where detcurso.id IN ('143','144');

For that, I have this in my Repository:

public function getSeleccion() {

    $em = $this->getEntityManager();

    $query = $em->createQueryBuilder()
            ->from('GitekUdaBundle:Detformacion', 'd')
            ->leftJoin('d.formacion', 'f') 
                ->leftJoin('f.detcursos', 'det')
                ->where('det.id = :miarray')
      return $query->getResult();

I tried with ->where('det.id IN :miarray') but I´m getting errors all the time.

Any help or clue?

thanks in advance.

UPDATE: The problem is setting the parameters.


Missing parentheses after the IN operator :

->where('det.id IN (:miarray)')
->setParameter('miarray', array('143','144'))

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