I'm trying to do the following:

CPU_COUNT=$(cat /proc/stat | grep -E "^cpu[[:digit:]]+ " | wc -l)
for core in {0..$CPU_COUNT}; do
 echo $core

On a system with 4 cores, I would expect the bash script to loop 4 times, incrementing core from 0 to 3.

The output I receive is however:


What I'm doing is clearly wrong, but how do I make it work as intended?


You are looking for seq.

for core in $(seq 0 $CPU_COUNT); do 

Edit: You can use getconf(1) to get the number of CPU available:

CPU_COUNT=$(getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN 2>/dev/null)

From the bash manual:

A sequence expression takes the form {x..y[..incr]}, where x and y are either integers or single characters, and incr, an optional increment, is an integer.

So bash doesn't support variables in sequence expressions. You can use a for loop instead:

for ((i=1; i<=n; i++)); do ...

Bash is not parsed that way; use

for ((i=0; i<CPU_COUNT; i++))

An additional advantage is the lack of a fork.


Use this (zsh, ksh93 and bash specific) syntax:

for ((core = 0; ++core <= ${CPU_COUNT:-0};)); do
 echo $core

You may also use eval, but that would be ugly.

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