I have following site in drupal 7 Test Site and now I want to move the site to root folder. I mean from beta to public html folder. Please guide!


You should just be able to move the files out of beta into the root to be honest, pretty much all paths in Drupal are dynamic. The only couple of caveats are:

  1. If you've set the site up with a $base_url pointing to the beta subfolder you'll need to edit sites/default/files/settings.php and comment that change out (have a look at the file and you'll know if/why you need to do this).

  2. If you have images/files embedded in content that have static links to '/beta/some-file' those will need to be changed manually.


Go to Configuration > Site information, (admin/config/system/site-information) and then change default front page: to beta.

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