I've tried this:

SELECT first_name,last_name,company_name FROM users ORDER BY last_name, company_name ASC

I have a users table like this:

| first_name       | last_name          | company_name       |
| Alfa             | Alfa               | Bravo              |
| Echo             | Echo               | Alfa               |
| Delta            | Delta              |                    |
|                  |                    | Charlie            |

The order of the rows at the moment is:

 , ,Charlie
Alfa, Alfa, Bravo
Delta, Delta,
Echo, Echo, Alfa

What I would like to achieve, is to order rows primarily by last_name but if it's not available (empty), order by company_name but in a way that it still compares this company_name-column with the last_name-columns... Sorry for possible inaccurate explanation. Here is the order I'd like to achieve:

Alfa, Alfa, Bravo
 , ,Charlie
Delta, Delta,
Echo, Echo, Alfa

EDIT: Is this possible via a single MySQL query?


Use ISNULL() function. If the last_name value is NULL, then it'll use the company_name value for ordering instead.

ORDER BY ISNULL(last_name, company_name)

If your last_name is not NULL, and just a blank string, you can use the NULLIF() function to get around this:

ORDER BY ISNULL(NULLIF(last_name,''), company_name)
  • Thanks Curt! Had to use IFNULL instead of ISNULL for MySQL, but this did the trick. – budwiser Oct 27 '11 at 14:12

You should use COALESCE:

SELECT first_name,last_name,company_name 
FROM users ORDER BY coalesce(last_name, company_name) ASC


  • Doesn't seem to work. The order is still the same as my original one. – budwiser Oct 27 '11 at 14:05
  • Are the empty fields set to null or just blank? (You know there's a difference right?) – Adriano Carneiro Oct 27 '11 at 14:13
  • Yes, I'm aware of that. No, the fields are not null, just blank. I tested it with NULL values and that's it. Works. – budwiser Oct 27 '11 at 14:17
SELECT * FROM your_table
ORDER BY COALESCE(last_name, company_name)

If you use Oracle, empty VARCHAR columns are treated as NULL. Then use COALESCE or NVL as suggested above.

Else, if there is an empty string in your column (not NULL) you can use ORDER BY CASE last_name WHEN '' THEN ... etc.


You can add an extra column to the query:

SELECT first_name,last_name,company_name,
case when last_name is null 
then company_name
else last_name
end as ord 
FROM users ORDER BY ord  ASC

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