Scenario : There is an ASP.NET site and the server also has sharepoint 2010 foundation. It has couple of lists. Within the ASP.NET site one of the ASPX page has a link. Upon clicking on this link I should read from sharepoint list and display the contents in a grid format within ASPX page.

Columns of grid will be something like ItemID, ItemImage, ItemHyperlink, ItemDescription.

Can anyone suggest any code samples or code?


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You can use The Open Data Protocol or OData to retrieve data from your SharePoint. OData is a Web Protocol created on top of Web technologies incluiding XML,Atom,JSON. So you can retrieve the information from your SharePoint using OData in form of Atom entries. You can take a look at the following ling from msdn blog.


Hope this helps.

  • thanks for the inputs. Are there any other alternatives or suggestions?
    – Anirudh
    Oct 27, 2011 at 14:06
  • Anyone has any other suggestions. I was planning to write some webpart or usercontrol and display using SPGridview. Is it possible? Any examples? Suggest if there are any other approaches.
    – Anirudh
    Oct 27, 2011 at 21:40

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