trying to create a new view from 2 other tables, titled customer information.

currently statement reads

select c.customer_id, c.name, 
max(decode(cat.method_id, 'Phone', cat.value))phone,
max(decode(cat.method_id, 'Fax', cat.value))fax, 
max(decode(cat.method_id, 'Mobile', cat.value))mobile,
max(decode(cat.method_id, 'E-Mail', cat.value))email
from table_1 c, table_2 cat
where c.customer_id = cat.customer_id
group by c.customer_id, c.name

now the statement works fine and everything for one customer is on a single row however where the customer has 2 phone number records, i would like it to be concatinated in the first phone column, I tried to rank the values and use them in a subselect but cannot seem to get it all working together.

  • Try posting some sample data for the tables and then the sample output. You will certainly get an answer doing this. Oct 27 '11 at 13:43

Undocumented oracle feature called WM_Concat


11g function LISTAGG would also work

  • wm_concat just what i needed brilliant
    – Mike
    Oct 27 '11 at 15:27

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