Is there a way to create dynamic column (as a key/value) names using the values returned from the query throw DIH (DataImportHandler)?

For example:

<entity name="foo" dataSource="my_database" query="select key,value from foo where id=${item.id}">
   <field column="${foo.key}" value="${foo.value}" name="${foo.key}_s"/>



Use ScriptTransformer -

Example -

Data Config - Add custom field -

        function addfield(row){
            var fieldName = row.get('key') + "_s"
            row.put(fieldName, row.get('value'));
            return row;

Entity mapping -

<entity name="foo" dataSource="my_database" transformer="script:addfield" query="select key,value from foo where id=${item.id}">
  • 1 thing to watch out for. If you got fields in your schema named key or value then alias them in the foo entity's query and accordingly change the transformer function to use the aliased names. (I unfortunately had a multi-valued field with the same name as key and the values from this query got added to my multi-valued field.) – arun Oct 22 '13 at 22:45

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