I am pretty newbie by this question.

I want to know about possibilities of how to manipulate Jmeter through the console (bash or cmd).

My goal for a start consists in understanding of how to run my testplan.jmx for several URLS. For this I add "server" and "port" parameters into my testplan.

How could I can change these parameters through the console and then run Jmeter ?

Morover, I want to ask you guys to suggest any free online tutorials where I can learn more about "Jmeter in non gui mode" and possibilities for integration Jmeter between different frameworks to use for automated testing.

Thank you very much indeed.


See: http://jmeter.512774.n5.nabble.com/How-to-Run-Jmeter-in-command-line-td2640725.html

You can launch your test plan from the command line, specifying parameters, like: jmeter -n -t plan.jmx -Jmy_url=http://www.firsturl.com

Inside your testplan you'd reference that command line param as ${__P(my_url)}

In terms of capturing results when running in non-gui mode, you may want to see: http://blogs.amd.com/developer/2009/03/31/using-apache-jmeter-in-non-gui-mode/

Personally, my experience is with using the GUI and writing and running test plans that way but this seems workable.

  • Thank you, mate. It's much simplier than I thought. – Alexander.Iljushkin Oct 27 '11 at 17:33

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