I've generated classes from my XML .xsd and am trying to set a field EndpointID within in the class MeterSessionInputRF. The problem I'm having is that the setEndpointID method only accepts JAXBElement<Byte> as it's parameter.

I'm currently query a database to get the input for the setEndpointID method. This input can be a string, char, whatever I want it to be.

How do I create a JAXBElement<Byte>? I've tried using the ObjectFactory class but when I try and use it, I don't have the option of creating such an object.

Here's the code I already have to give some perspective.

    MeterSessionInputRF msiRF = new MeterSessionInputRF();
    JAXBElement<Byte> endpointType;
    byte epT = moduleResults.getByte("cd_module_typ");

I keep getting the error that endpointType may have not been initialized. Is there a correct way to create the JAXBElement<Byte>?

  • Ahhh thank you. It was under createMeterSessionInputRFEndpointType. So hard to find!
    – TyC
    Oct 27 '11 at 18:07

The ObjectFactory class generated by XJC should have a method to do that for you. I know you said it wasn't there, but check again, there should be some method that returns an object of that type.

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