Is there any way to see how the relationships of an Entity were affected/changed inside of a ChangeInterceptor()? Here is an example using NorthWind Database, when you delete/remove an Order Entity from an Employee Entity where the relationship is one-to-many, one Employee has many Orders, how can detect an Order was removed from the Employee Entity. I know using the ObjectStateEntry class you can call GetModifiedProperties() to see what Properties changed, but how do we see what Collections/Associations changed?. Does it have something to do with the RelationshipManager?

public void OnChangeEmployees(Employee employee, UpdateOperations operations)
    //I'm using EntityFramework 4.1
    //We have to dropdown the ObjectContext to detect IA, Independant Association, changes
    ObjectContext ctx = ((IObjectContextAdapter)this.CurrentDataSource).ObjectContext;

    ObjectStateEntry entry = ctx.ObjectStateManager.GetObjectStateEntry(employee);

    //What do I do here for detecting relationship changes.. I.E and Order was added?


Thanks in advance.


Instead of using a ChangeInterceptor... Just implement the SavingChanges event handler on the ObjectContext. This article explains how to see if an Entity's relationship was affected.

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