For a Multithreading program, if one thread dies how you can know that ?

My idea:

(1) use ps to check LWP but it is manually, not efficient. (2) set a try-catch in each thread, if it exit non-normally, catch it. (3) let the dying-thread send a message to std::cout or main thread.

Other better ideas ?



You could use pthread_cleanup_push(3) at a very early stage in the thread function. The function given to pthread_cleanup_push could set some flag which a "watcher" thread can pick up. pthread_cleanup_push is also honoured by pthread_exit and is not bound to exceptions.

Edit: A second way to do this: Use pthread_key_create(3) with a destructor function and call pthread_setspecific(3) early in the thread function. The destructor function can signal the watching thread it's imminent death.


You could simply use pthread_cleanup_push and pthread_cleanup_pop to execute a cleanup handler on thread exit. This would catch cancellation/pthread_exit events.

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