1-Can anybody introduce some modern Petri-net editor and compare theme?

currently I am using WoPeD.

2-Is there any UML tools that also support Petrinet?

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I have similar problem. In this article compared some tools for petri-net.

In my opinion the easiest to use is the Yasper but it not open source and works Windows only. I recommend beta version 2.0b22. The versions 2.1b1 and 2.1b2 not works in my Windows 2003 on Virtual Box.

Currently I am using PIPE2 because is open source, easy to use and platform independent. You may have a some problems with opening files saved in older version or other editors (such Yasper). I describe workaround in bug tracker.

I am looking for a editor for evaluation nets and I am considering to extend PIPE2 for support of this. Maybe someone has a better idea?

  • since your answer is accepted, i would also recommend adding CPNTools. its a very stable tool.
    – Amir
    Jul 28, 2017 at 18:02

Also, please check Renew (http://www.renew.de/).


Please check GreatSPN Graphical Editor: http://www.di.unito.it/~amparore/mc4cslta/editor.html

It's amazing.

  • The GreatSPN is a solid visual editor with the LaTeX support Aug 26 at 9:25

It's probably worth asking what type(s) of nets you plan to work with (colored, stochastic, ...) and what types of import/export are desirable (PNML, ...). Snoopy is certainly relatively user-friendly and supports a variety of nets. A few editors that haven't yet been noted:

  1. wolfgang (https://github.com/iig-uni-freiburg/WOLFGANG) is pretty limited but it has an easy-to-use GUI for editing; modeling is limited to manually 'walking' through transitions.

  2. monalisa (http://www.bioinformatik.uni-frankfurt.de/tools/monalisa/) supports a variety of formats. The GUI for editing is straightforward.

  3. tapaal (https://www.tapaal.net/) also has a straightforward GUI for editing nets.


Snoopy is a software tool to design and animate hierarchical graphs, among others Petri nets. The tool has been developed - and is still under development - at the University of Technology in Cottbus, Dep. of Computer Science, "Data Structures and Software Dependability". Download it from here There is also another tool called as Charlie which is an extensible software tool to analyse (extended) place/transition nets, it belongs to toolset comprising Snoopy. And can be downloaded from here

Both of these tools are based on Java. So you can run them on Mac, Windows and linux as well.

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