Is it possible to set a draggables revert value to "true" when it was originally set to "invalid"? I am trying to revert the draggable in the drop event of the droppable, but the revert doesnt happen.

var dragOpts = {
                /* appendTo: "body", */
                zIndex: 1000,
                cursor: "move",
                revert: "invalid",
                opacity: 0.45,
                helper: myHelper,


    function myHelper(event, ui) {

    var height = $(this).children().not('.travel-element').css("height");
    var cloneClass = $(this).children().not('.travel-element').attr("class");

     return $("<div id='helper' class='" + cloneClass + "' style='height:" + height            + "'>Moving</div>");

drop: function (e, ui) {


Use .draggable('option', 'revert', true)

Fyi, this is the regular way to change options for any jQuery UI widget and also explained in the docs.

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