Using the acts_as_taggable_on works great. But generates a comma separated list. I'm wondering the best way to add a wrapper element and class to each individually. I've been able to do it in jQuery, but I'd much rather do it in a rails helper.


item.tags = "big, bigger, biggest"
item.tag_list = ["big", "bigger", "biggest"]

to render as:

<span class="tag">big</span>
<span class="tag">bigger</span>
<span class="tag">biggest</span>

Here's a helper that can generate a list of spans based on the tag_list sent in.

def tags(tag_list)
  markup = ""
  tag_list.each do |tag|
    markup += content_tag(:span, tag, :class => "tag")

You would then call it with:

<%= tags(item.tag_list) %>

which will output

<span class="tag">tag 1</span>
<span class="tag">tag 2</span>
<span class="tag">tag 3</span>
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This may be a cleaner way of doing it without creating a new function and keeping the code in the view:

<% @item.tag_counts_on(:tags).map(&:name).each do |tag| %>
   <a href="/search/<%= tag %>">
    <span class="tag"><%= tag %></span>
<% end %>
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