I got the following string:


How can I extract the file name using a javascript regular expression?

I tried [^/]+$ but it keeps the ") at the end.

Thank you.


split on backslash, pop to get the last result, and remove the ")

'url("http://localhost/image/user/temp/n9cec42c939ab461cac7852c267413b1b.jpg")'.split('/').pop().replace('\")', '')


Or if RegExp is just your thing:

var url = 'url("http://localhost/image/user/temp/n9cec42c939ab461cac7852c267413b1b.jpg")'; 
url.match(/.+\/(.+)\"\)/)[1]; // file name

would work on your example. If that's not what you're after, please provide more details in your question.


With a regexp you can use:


assuming your filename consists from a-z + 0-9 and a three character extension


Quite close to what you wrote is


for example


where s is your example string returns the correct filename.

(explanation: With regular expressions the form (?=...) means something that must be following the match but that should not be considered part of the match).

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