If I declare a bunch of fields that are not always necessary, is memory allocated for each record created or does it not allocate memory until the field is initialized?

Example: If I declare a table with an id field and a char(8) field, is memory allocated for the string each time an id is generated and entered into the table, or is it only allocated if the string is assigned a value?

  • "string" is not a valid data type. What is the actual data type of that field? – Joe Stefanelli Oct 27 '11 at 19:08

The database will allocate a set memory for fields whose type size doesn't change, such as numeric fields and char(n). But for fields of type varchar(n) (variable-length), for example, they will be as large as the data that is contained in them.

In your example, a field type of char(8) will allocate memory for all 8 chars. If you make the field type varchar (or nvarchar), then it will only allocate as much space as assigned to it.

Can read more about mysql string types here.


Short answer: It takes memory (or hard space) every time.

If a field is char(8), it will ALWAYS allocate 8 bytes (plus a leading 2 bytes for the database heading). If it is an empty varchar(34), the minimum space it will take is 2.

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