I am writing a script that intercepts a touchpad output and send to the windows after some processing. So there is no GUI involved. I want to change the cursor temporarily when certain cursor behavior occurs. I have searched the web to the best of my abilities and found very few posts that talked about using win32api.SetCursor() but this does not work at all. Most of the posts talks about changing cursor using Tkinter or wxPython. Is there any other solution to change the cursor system wide?


Using the code below the cursor is changed system-wide though I have to restored to the arrow cursor below quitting the program. If there are other better ways I would appreciate your response.

from ctypes import *
import win32con

SetSystemCursor = windll.user32.SetSystemCursor #reference to function
SetSystemCursor.restype = c_int #return
SetSystemCursor.argtype = [c_int, c_int] #arguments

LoadCursorFromFile = windll.user32.LoadCursorFromFileA #reference to function
LoadCursorFromFile.restype = c_int #return
LoadCursorFromFile.argtype = c_char_p #arguments

CursorPath = "../cursor/MyCross.cur"

NewCursor = LoadCursorFromFile(CursorPath)

if NewCursor is None:
    print "Error loading the cursor"
elif SetSystemCursor(NewCursor, win32con.IDC_ARROW) == 0:
    print "Error in setting the cursor"

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