I am making a HTML renderer. I have the html file being read into a StreamTokenizer. At the moment it prints out the correct tokens, and in my html file specify my varbiles enclosed in dollars e.g


I get the correct tokens i.e it splits up the html body and vars by using the quoteChar('$')

FileReader in = new FileReader(file); 
     BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(in); 
    StreamTokenizer tok;
    tok = new StreamTokenizer(reader);
    tok.wordChars(0, 255); 

I get the string tokens

"<html><p>" , "myVarToBeRendered" and "<p></html>"

Though when reading through the token i obviously need to replace the myVar token which is identified as a quote. This myVar is used as a key in a HashMap holding the string values to be rendered to each variable. Is there a way of checking if a token is a quote? like:

if (tok.next - is a quote or inside my quotes)
     Then replace this var name with its related HashMap value

I have scoured the internet and can't find any examples or similar questions to help me along!

Or any method I could use so I can identify which tokens are variables to used in the HashMap. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, hope you understand what i'm trying to do!!

Many Thanks Sam


May be I misunderstood the question, but you can check the presence of your tokens in a map by simply calling myMap.containsKey(myVarToBeRendered).

On a separate note, I think using regex Pattern matching to extract substitution vars from your html seems like a better idea than using StreamTokenizer.

  • yah thats a good idea using the containsKey, i forgot about that method!, I was going to use regex but it means loading the file first as a string then checking?. My reasoning was when loading the FileStream is would be more efficient to modify it whilst loading
    – Sam Palmer
    Oct 27 '11 at 20:06

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