Is size_t a companion type like size_type? What don't they standardize the companion type name when comes to size type - meaning just size_type?


I don't know what a companion type is. But size_t is a standard type in C, and std::size_t is a standard type in C++ as well. Other things in the language depend on this type, like the result of sizeof or the argument to new[].

The only place the standard talks about size_type is whitin containers. It's specified to be among other things the type of value returned by size(). It's usually defined in terms of the allocator::size_type, which is usually -but does not have to be- std::size_t.

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    For instance, a custom allocator can allocate memory on a server on the internet, in which case, pointer, ptrdiff_t, and size_type will probably be classes with complex logic. – Mooing Duck Oct 27 '11 at 20:05

size_t is not a companion type. For one thing, it's been around long before the very notion of companion types existed. Also, it's a part of C standard where the companion types can't exist.

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