In my application i want to print payment receipt.If i enter amount and click on save it will print automatically.

The data look like

Thank you for receiving Text Box value( from payment page) amount . In the print i don't need any thing like URL except data .

Thank you in advance.


If you are willing to use a java applet, this might work:



Unfortunately for the most part, you will be unable to control this.

You can do a few tricks such as a separate media=print CSS style sheet which will allow you to fully customise the page, however, you will still be at the mercy of whatever web browser your visitor is using - most of which print headers and footers.

The best thing I can suggest if this is very important is to look at integrating a PDF component in to your application - It won't be easy, but, it should work well.

You can then have the confirmation page as normal and a dynamically built PDF document that will be loaded from the same information. You can then fully customise it to your exact needs.

I am currently trying to do something very similar myself - currently looking at this example with PDF Sharp.

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