How can I copy lines that is matches a pattern to another line, within a selected part of the document. I can do it for whole document with :g/\s*$data/co24 but I couldn't figure out how to apply this function to only a selected part of a document.


You can apply a range to the g operator. For example, you can use V to select a section of your document, then type :, which will get you:


Then you can add your g command:


You can also apply the range numerically, like this:

:100,150 g/\s*$data/co24

(This would apply the g operation to lines 100-150). You can also apply a range using the search operator, like this:

:/start/,/stop/ g/\s*$data/co24

This would apply the g operation to lines between a match for start and a match for stop.

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Give this a shot, as '<,'> means "within the visual selection"

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