While working with Akka, I have implemented a simple command line app.

But Akka also prints statements to the command line like:

[GENERIC] [27.10.11 22:57] [RemoteClientStarted(akka.remote.netty.NettyRemoteSupport@b07f45d,/]
[GENERIC] [27.10.11 22:57] [RemoteClientConnected(akka.remote.netty.NettyRemoteSupport@b07f45d,/]
[GENERIC] [27.10.11 22:57] [RemoteClientShutdown(akka.remote.netty.NettyRemoteSupport@b07f45d,/]
[GENERIC] [27.10.11 22:57] [RemoteClientDisconnected(akka.remote.netty.NettyRemoteSupport@b07f45d,/]

Is there a way to disable this debugging output (or redirect it to somewhere else)?


Perhaps the docs can be of assistance:



Did a few things to hide the [GENERIC] log tags. Not sure if all of this is needed, but it seems to work.

Added the following to my akka.conf

 event-handlers = ["akka.event.slf4j.Slf4jEventHandler"]
 event-handler-level = "WARNING"

Make sure you are changing the right akka.conf, you may have an AKKA_HOME specified or you may have dropped an akka.conf onto your classpath by mistake.

Also made the following changes at the bottom of my logback.xml

<logger name="akka" level="WARNING"/>
<root level="WARNING">
<!--    <appender-ref ref="stdout"/> -->
<appender-ref ref="R"/>

Your logback.xml should live right next to your akka.conf

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