If you have your bean MyClass with a lot of properties.

If you want to lazy get one property with @Basic( fetch=lazy) you need to instrument your class right?


what if you do a projection over your bean and then do a ResultTransformer(TransFormers.aliasToBean(MyClass.class))

Something like this:

 /*.get(Usuario.class, 1); this gets the wholeobject with out @Basic(fetch=lazy)*/
     Usuario usuario = (Usuario) session 
    .add(Restrictions.eq("id", 1))

That does the trick. You got only the ID and not the whole object.

My question is. This Object of Usuario is the same in the query cache, and cache as if i get it with .get()?

Image you got another Object and that you need to put a relationship with usuario.

   // projected Usuario object
   // this works okay, but its correct?

Thank you.

  • To save a relationship works as normal, but then if u want to get an another property that is an asociation whit Usuario like: usuario.getOtherObject(), this cant be done, hibernate cant load from the database. To solve this u need to include the asosiated object in the projection. Oct 28 '11 at 19:26

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