i have a textarea and on click that textarea a div fadesIn and slides to the right and on blur it fades out but the problem is when you click it again it fadesIn from the point it was originally displaced. Is there a way to make it start from its original postion?

My html

 <textarea id="textarea" cols="50" rows="15" style="margin-top:100px;"></textarea>
 <div id="block" style="display:none;">
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#block {
  z-Index: 100;
color: #444;
border: 1px solid #000;
line-height: 150%;


  $("#block").fadeIn(10).animate({"left": "+=30px" },"fast");
 $("#textarea").blur(function(){ $("#block").animate({"left": "-=5px" },"fast").fadeOut(10);

Originally the textarea slide description (http://www.taskrabbit.com/tasks/newfrom=howitworks) on that site was what i was aiming for but this is only what i could come up with. I'd really appreciate any help. Many Thanks.


Yeah in the javascript change the blucr function like this :

$("#textarea").blur(function(){ $("#block").animate({"left": "-=5px" },"fast").fadeOut(10 , function(){ // put back $("#block") to his start position });});

You have a callback on the fadeOutfunction, so when all is done, you can put back everything where you want it to be


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