I have a NSView, there is a NSImageView on the NSView

in the source codes of the NSView

I wrote:

NSImage *image = [[[NSImage alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:url] autorelease];
NSImageView *newImageView = nil;
newImageView = [[NSImageView alloc] initWithFrame:[self bounds]];
[newImageView setImage:image];
[newImageView setAutoresizingMask:NSViewWidthSizable | NSViewHeightSizable];

Is there a way to read the width and height of the NSView and NSImageView?


The size of any view (NSView, NSImageView, etc.) is view.frame.size or view.bounds.size. In both cases it is an identical NSSize struct. You can write code like this:

NSSize size = newImageView.frame.size;
NSLog(@"size: %@", NSStringFromSize(size));
NSLog(@"size: %f x %f", size.width, size.height);

To change it, you need to update the view frame property:

NSRect frame = view.frame;
frame.size = NSMakeSize(<#new width#>, <#new height#>);
view.frame = frame;
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Try the - (NSRect)bounds method.

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