1) What kind of streaming protocols does XBOX 360 supports?

2) what kind of video formats can be play on XBOX 360?

3) Does H264 and rtsp supported by XBOX 360?

I want to develop some app that will support the video streaming on XBOX 360 platform.


In the latest XDK (20871.6), Microsoft provides a Audio/Video player that you can use easily to stream HD Video. This takes place in the preview package of the XDK. It should be released and lib-trusted in the next XDK (early december).

You should take a Look at the XDK sample called "XAVSample".

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Your first hurdle would be getting the app on the actual platform. Your only option, short of a direct contract with microsoft, would be the Indie/XNA platform. XNA games cannot connect to the internet. So forget that option.

If you manage to score a dev kit and contract with microsoft, you will be looking at h.264, wmv, avi, and even divx as possible options. There are probably more formats (re: containers) that will depend upon the codec, but the former should be sufficient for any need.

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