I wanted to write a program that converts a decimal in to binary. For this I would use an array. Please look at the line commented below and tell me why it might not work because the spim simulator says attempting to execute non-instruction

       .globl __start

        la $a0,prompt
        li $v0,4

        li $v0,5

        move $t1,$v0

        li $t0,0
        la $t2,bin
        #add $t2,$t2,124
            div $t1,$t1,2
        mflo $v0
        sw $v0,($t2) #right here
        add $t2,$t2,4
        add $t0,$t0,1
        ble $t0,32,lop
        j dnn

            la $a0,spc
    li $v0,4
    j back

        la $t0,bin
        li $t3,1
        la $a0,pr2
        li $v0,4
        add $t0,$t0,124
        lw $t1,($t0)
        sub $t0,$t0,4
        add $t3,$t3,1
        move $a0,$t1
        li $v0,5
        div $t4,$t3,4
        mflo $t4
        ble $t4,0,ads
            ble $t3,33,lp2

        li $v0,10

            prompt: .asciiz "Enter decimal: "
            spc:    .asciiz " "
            pr2:    .asciiz "\nbinary value:\n"
            bin:    .space 128

EDIT: I made some changes, like now all the 'add's are 'addi's and '.align 2' comes after .data also in The spim simulator (PCSpim) I noticed something interesting:

   [0x00400020]        0x3c011001  lui $1, 4097 [bin]              ; 15: la $t2,bin
   [0x00400024]        0x342a0022  ori $10, $1, 34 [bin]
   [0x00400028]        0x34010002  ori $1, $0, 2                   ; 17: div $t1,$t1,2
   [0x0040002c]        0x0121001a  div $9, $1
   [0x00400030]        0x00004812  mflo $9
   [0x00400034]        0x00001012  mflo $2                         ; 18: mflo $v0
   [0x00400038]        0xad420000  sw $2, 0($10)                   ; 19: sw $v0,($t2)

why is mflo done twice?

  • Does it say the same thing if you change it to sw $v0, 0($t2)?
    – Ivan
    Oct 28 '11 at 4:46
  • Also, shouldn't your add's be addi?
    – Ivan
    Oct 28 '11 at 5:03
  • This has many errors. Please fix the other errors so we can try this... And specify what simulator you're using.
    – m0skit0
    Oct 28 '11 at 7:58
  • @Ivan Yes. I tried it that way it doesn't do anything. Oct 28 '11 at 12:50
  • 1
    It appears that the label bin: is not aligned on a word boundary. You need an .align 2 directive before bin:
    – markgz
    Oct 28 '11 at 17:53

mflo is done twice because the DIV pseudo instruction does it and you're doing it explicitly right after.

You can just do:

    div $v0,$t1,2

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