There are two data tables which contains the information about file directory structure. I just wanted to convert this to XML which should best for fast & efficient parsing.

enter image description here

in table-1, client is the root directory & project is the folder Name inside the client (root directory) and there can be one or many folders inside of root directory (client).

e.g. D:\C1\P1\  /* here D:\ is the local disk */

in table-2, it tells about the files inside of concered root directory (client) & folder (project) and there can be many files inside of one folder.

e.g. D:\C1\P1\F1  /* F1 is the file name */  

Following is the sample xml for Client(C1), Project (P1) & existing files (F1 & F2). please take a look and if it can define the better way please correct.


*Note : * I am using jaxb to marshall & unmarshall the xml file.

  1. Write java classes that maps the table structures
  2. Load table records into java objects
  3. Use jaxb xml serializer to generate the xml file

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