Now that my code is getting ever larger, a strategy to locate key code locations is more important. With faster PC's now, 'Search' 'Find in Files' is quick and effective - 'Search all files in project' often does not work if you have used implicit units. I've struggled to understand regular expressions but presumably they would let me do a search like:

one OR two

one AND two

All searches are required to be on the same line.

This would be a great improvement on a simple keyword search. Is this possible in Delphi's search? I'm using XE, XE2 and D7 (sometimes).


The regular expression you need to search for one or two is


The | symbol means or in regex speak.

Searching for a file containing both one and two is more difficult since the search is line-oriented. You could search for one and two on the same line like this:

  • Thanks David. Its a shame that the OR is so complex because that's often the most useful construct. Oct 30 '11 at 22:10

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