Just wondering if it is possible in Mysql to move characters inside a string without having to resort to PHP, etc.


Blue Dahlia, The

Has to become "The Blue Dahlia". So remove the comma and move the "the" after it to the beginning. Removing the comma could be done with:

... SET field = REPLACE(field, CHAR(47), '')

But moving the "the" to the beginning seems daunting to me since I just can't replace all the instances of "the", only the one after the last comma.

This is easily done with PHP but I was wondering if I could do it in SQL, since it's (hopefully) a one-time thing.



You can try with:

... SET field = CONCAT_WS(' ', TRIM(SUBSTRING_INDEX(field, ',', -1)), TRIM(SUBSTRING_INDEX(field, ',', 1)))

Quick explanation:

SUBSTRING_INDEX splits string by delimiter. -1 takes first part from the right; 1 first from the left.

TRIM removes unnecessary whitespaces.

CONCAT_WS merges parts of string with spacebar separator.

  • Wow, this actually works. I thought it would be impossible without an external scripting language. Thank you so much!
    – kakubei
    Oct 28 '11 at 12:51

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