Having problems with the documentmanager upload trying to upload PDF's.

The problem happens when creating or deleting folders. The get create/deleted in the correct location but the refresh/processing image stays, crashing the tool from navigating the folder structure. See screen shot:

enter image description here

There is a Javascript error :

this._clientParameters.get_value is not a function


FileManagerDialogParameters documentManagerParameters = new FileManagerDialogParameters();
        documentManagerParameters.ViewPaths = new string[] { uploadPath };
        documentManagerParameters.UploadPaths = new string[] { uploadPath };
        documentManagerParameters.DeletePaths = new string[] { uploadPath };
        documentManagerParameters.SearchPatterns = pattern;
        documentManagerParameters.MaxUploadFileSize = maxFileSize;

        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(dialog))
            // use a default
            dialog = "~/modules/uploadcentre/dialogs/default/";

        documentManagerParameters["ExternalDialogsPath"] = dialog;

        DialogDefinition documentManager = new DialogDefinition(typeof(DocumentManagerDialog), documentManagerParameters)
            ClientCallbackFunction = "DocumentManagerFunction",
            Width = Unit.Pixel(694),
            Height = Unit.Pixel(440)

        DialogOpener1.DialogDefinitions.Add("DocumentManager", documentManager);

Telerik.web.ui version 2011.1.519.40

Thanks in advance



Please, see the following forum thread which discusses the same JS error: DocumentManager open with DialogOpener javascript error - http://www.telerik.com/community/forums/aspnet-ajax/editor/documentmanager-open-with-dialogopener-javascript-error.aspx

If you need further help, please open a support ticket from www.telerik.com and send a sample fully working project that demonstrates the problem.

Best regards, Rumen

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