I have 2 MySQL tables:

categories (id int, name varchar(1000))


products (id int, name varchar(1000))

Each product can be under multiple categories. I'm thinking of adding column "category_ids" into the table 'products' with category Ids separated by semicolons, but this method is inconvenient for MySQL query.

Any other possible methods?


make third table which have refernce to both table as in below image

enter image description here

  • oh great, how could i forget this method of mapping between 2 tables, tks for reminding me – jondinham Oct 28 '11 at 9:42

Create a table that matches products with categories:

product_id category_id
1          1
1          2
2          5
3          5
3          2

etc. Hope it helps :)


Add a junction table linking the two:

productid (FK ref product.id)
categoryid (FK ref categories)

That seems to be a many to many relationship....

In order to map many to many relationship, u will need another table

categories_products(id, category_id, product_id) 

so one product can come under many categories and similarly one category can hold many products.

Product table will have one to many relationship with categories_products table Categories table will also have one to many relationip with categories_products table

thats a standard way to implement many to many relationships

  • a clustered composite primary key (category_id, product_id) would better enforce integrity and be much more performant - ditch the pointless surrogate PK and read up on index types stackoverflow.com/questions/4419499/… – Jon Black Oct 28 '11 at 9:38

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