I have a process that seems to be hanging on solaris, I have tried to attach to the process using GDB to see what it is doing but no luck.

There is no error from what I can see, it is just sitting there...

Are there any other tools or techniques I can use to see what the process is stuck on?

Thanks for the help



pstack <pid> will print you what all the threads within this process are doing (full stack traces, including function names, if your binary is not stripped.

truss is Linux's strace equivalent. It will show all the system calls that the process is doing. It might help you in debugging.

DTrace is a great debugging swiss-army-knife that can show you pretty much anything you can think of. The downside is that it needs to be run with root permissions on a global zone. It takes some time to learn, but it's time well worth spending.


Use powerful dtrace facility. Here the short introduction how to trace user processes.

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