I want to listen to incoming ip sockets on a specific port and forward them using bluetooth sockets. Is this possible?

I'm using c# but I can use java if it's easier to code.

  • Could you please give me hints from where to start... – chihebeddine Oct 28 '11 at 10:00
  • Well for start you might whant to google "c# sockets tutorial" or smth of the sort, after youre comfortable with reading sockets on a specific port you can try to google "c# bluetooth tutorial" and that should give you relevant tutorials on how to establish a bluetooth connection and send/recive data . – Poelinca Dorin Oct 28 '11 at 10:03

In fact, the object was using SMB protocol over Bluetooth connexion. I found a Bluetooth profile that is similar to SMB protocol and that enables me to explore the sdcard from my PC. the profile is OBEX FTP (File Transfert Profile) and i found java APIs. Thank you for your answers.


I don't have much knowledge.... But I found these two link.... it may helps u... 1st..Bluetooth


The Bluetooth equivalent of TCP sockets are called RFCOMM sockets. You can write an app to open a TCP socket, read the data, and write it out to an RFCOMM socket.

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