there is a snippets of html codes like this<label for=name>fill in your name<span>*</span></label>, when using jquery $("label[for='name']").text(), it returned 'fill in your name*',how can get exactly 'fill in your name'?


contents() allows you to select all node types - including just text nodes. For example, this will return the text for the first text node of the element:


Working demo: http://jsfiddle.net/mX8zK/


I would suggest you don't put the <span>*</span> and instead use pseudo-elements (:after). That way you can easily get better results.

See this EXAMPLE.

Note the cleaner markup:

<label for="name" class=required>Fill in your Name</label>

Every .required label will have the star by default thanks to the :after pseudo-element which is applied to it:

label.required:after {
    content: '*';

Important Note: The mentioned solution will fail on IE7 and below, as they do not support pseudo elements.


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